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Copper Hills

Just southwest of San Elijo Hills Towncenter, east of Old Creek Ranch, is a little known gem of a property now known as Copper Hills. You may have hiked or biked from the old recycling center gates on this property on your way to Copper Creek trailheads or the old Copper mines southwest of San Elijo. The property is currently located in the jurisdiction of the County of San Diego but has been in the sphere of influence of San Marcos since 1988, and will soon be annexed into the City of San Marcos. This will give us, in San Elijo and San Marcos, a voice in the proposed uses for the site. While a lot of it will remain open space, portions will be developed into quality residential and commercial uses as well as park and recreational opportunities. This is the last opportunity along San Elijo Road that can fulfill the needs of the community that have been missing.

Potential uses include community gathering facilities, trail access and parking, green space, a youth and teen center, a skatepark, outdoor basketball/tennis courts, community pools, congregate care for seniors, office, family restaurants and breweries as well as a top notch residential community by respected high-end builder ColRich, who has an existing reputation in San Elijo and Old Creek Ranch for building beautiful communities.

The developer is aware of local traffic concerns and while the elementary school will be Carillo, they understand school impact worries and will be addressing those with the public’s involvement. For the developer, your direct input is much appreciated. The Bieri Company has owned this property since 2003 but has been working in San Marcos since the 1980s and is well respected in the community. They were directly responsible for bringing CSUSM to San Marcos. Local land planning firm Consultants Collaborative Inc (CCI) has been involved in this property from the beginning and both principles live in San Elijo Hills. All 3 firms involved in this project are local and family owned.

The development process takes time and that is why we have started early in engaging the public, years ahead of anything being built. Please stay tuned for more information and feel free to contact us directly.